2015 at Autovan brings a changing of the guard.
We hope you all will join us in welcoming our newest member of the team, Sarah.
Maureen embarked on a well earned retirement at the end of 2014 and has handed over the reins to Sarah.
Sarah is looking forward to meeting you all and helping to make your visit with us, from the initial call to the collection, as smooth as possible.

Autovan will be closing for our Christmas break from Tuesday the 23rd of December at 5pm until Monday the 5th of January.

All at Autovan wish you a very merry Christmas and thank you for your continuing support.
Mon - Fri 8.30 - 5.00
Sat - 9.00 - 1.00
Closed Sunday

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We are happy to announce that the Autovan Services shop is now online, at present there is only a small selection of the products we supply available to purchase online  but we will be increasing that selection throughout the year.
Please get in touch for products that are not in the online shop.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our customers, past, present and future!

We are now taking bookings for Caravan and motorhome servicing, so please get in touch soon so you can get your prefered date.

Don't forget that just because you have not used your van much in the last 12 months it doesn't mean that the van and its appliances are always going to work as soon as you need them and that tyres and brakes must be checked thoroughly before taking the van away .

Also - the most expensive problem to resolve- DAMP will happen if you use your van or not.
So please do not leave it another year .
Contact Autovan and discuss the various levels of annual inspection that we can carry out to ensure that your van is safe to use and also not storing up an expensive shock for the future.
Don't forget to check out our shows page for dates of shows we will be at.

December 2011
Itís been a lot warmer than most expected throughout November but donít let that stop you draining down your motorhome or caravan, the frost WILL come.
We have just started a Facebook page so you can post comments about how we are doing and suggest ways in which we can better serve your needs.
If you like what we do please click on like, if we do something you donít like, please tell us what.
Over the Festive period the offices will close at 1530hrs on Friday 23 Dec and re open at 0830hrs on Tuesday 3 Jan
Thak you all for your support this year and we hope to be able to help in the year ahead.

Please visit our wall via this link;
Autovan on FaceBook
November 2011
We are all starting to feel the cold now, boilers are firing up all across the country and if the forecasts are correct itís going to get a whole lot colder.
Please remember to drain your caravan or motorhome down when not in use and save on expensive repairs caused by Jack Frost. If you need advice on draining down your van feel free to get in touch.

It was good to meet our customers and friends at the recent Shepton Mallett motorhome show and whilst the weather was not as good as we would like, it did stay dry for at least half of the time.

We also attended the Vanfest Show at Malvern showground the same weekend for the first time and was amazed to see so many VW van conversions in one area. The owners had come from Germany, France, Holland and Czech Republic and it seems that they do this annually as this is the largest VW van show in Europe.

There was all ages of VW's from the new 2011 to vans that had been lovingly restored spilt screens and bay window models that must be at least 35 years old. It was fascinating to see the vast array of new and used parts that are available for these old but cherished motorhomes.

We have been showing our normal extensive range of parts and accessories, the Driverite semi air suspension system and also the NEW Flexible and lightweight Solar Panels.

These panels are new to the Caravan and Motorhome market and are ideal to be fitted onto an elevating roof or a caravan roof as they are very light and can be slightly formed to take the profile of a roof.

The smallest panels can just trickle charge the leisure or engine battery and you can also have panels fitted that will ensure that you are totally independant and free of the high electric charges on sites.

The panels are ideal for caravans as the trickle charge from the panel will ensure that the battery will be charged when you need to operate the caravan mover or the security device. If you put your caravan into winter storage you will not have to keep going to the caravan and re-charging the battery.

The solar panels will continue to work as long as there is light- it does not have to be strong sunlight . We have even found that the panel will still charge at night when near a roadlight!!

We also showed the furniture assemblies that we can supply for the VW T5 range that we are now being converted at Autovan Services extensive workshops. I will tell you more about this new concept next month as we are currently developing a new range of models for the VW's and Mazda Bongo's
Peterborough Show 2011

We will be showing our Driverite air suspension at the show and hope to meet old and new customers .
Let us tell you about the many benefits of the APPROVED Driverite air kits and the many accessories that can be fitted.
February 2011
Thank you to all visitors to our stand at the NEC show in February.
I hope that you found it interesting and look forward to hearing from you soon
December 2009
Christmas is almost upon us and we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

We will be shutting down for the Christmas period from Tuesday the 22nd December  until Monday the 4th of January 2010.

May we tank all of you for your support throughout 2009 and we hope to see you in the new year.
October 2009
It's that time of year again, when we must drain down our Caravans an Motor homes
to protect them from the dreaded frost. All to often, when the frosty weather hits, we see vans that have had the water systems damaged due to the owner not having drained down their water.

It's all to easy to look out of your window and see the sun shining and forget how much colder the mornings are getting.

If you need help or advice with draining down your systems please get in touch and we will be happy to help.
£15 off Fridge service
Sept 2009

Shepton Mallet show 2009

This years event was a great success and we had some fine weather to complement the show.

All at Autovan Services would like to thank everyone who paid us a visit and we hope we were able to help you, be it with advice or a bargain buy.

We have posted a few pictures in the Gallery section of this site.

The first person out of the show pictures to come in our shop can have a £10.00 discount!

Is it you?

Sept 2009

Shepton Mallet show 2009

As usual we shall be attending the show and this year if you want to give us a visit
we shall be on pitch
Q8, we will be happy to see you.

As well as other products on offer, we will be selling our DriveRite Semi Air suspention kits at a special show price, so if you've been thinking about Air Suspension now is a good time to buy.

Show dates

Fri 11th Sept

Sat 12th Sept

Sunday 13th Sept
Feb 2009

Easter is on it's way.

Easter is on its way, don't leave it until the last minute to check your van before your break. At least two weeks before you go on any break go to your van and get every thing going to make sure everything works.

There is nothing worse than getting your van out the night before your trip and finding your heater or fridge Etc. Does not work.

Here at AutoVan Services we would try to get you on your way but under such short notice, we may not be able to help.

Think ahead to avoid a spoilt break.

Jan 2009

Annual Servicing

At Autovan we believe passionately that you MUST maintain the annual checks of your caravan or motorhome because we see all too often the expensive results of our customers failing to have the vehicle checked EVERY 12 months.
I know that times are difficult now and many will be tempted to take a chance and not have the service carried out this year - particularly if the warranty no longer applies.
Therefore we have looked at ways that we can encourage you to consider that saving money this year on the annual inspection may have a disastrous affect on your pocket next year

All servicing costs have been frozen for this year at last years prices.

The prices are;

Twin axle caravan £ 199.00

Single axle caravan £ 180.00

Coachbuilt Motorhome £ 155.00

Van Conversion  £115.00


If your vehicle is no longer covered by the manufacturers warranty then we have introduced the SILVER level of inspection which will still check the important points such as the brakes and undergear, road lights, electrical and gas systems and appliances and the full damp check.


Twin axle caravan £ 159.00

Single axle caravan £ 140.00

Coachbuilt Motorhome £ 120.00

Van conversion £ 95.00

All of the costs are inclusive of vat at the current rate.

We do not check items such as furniture catches and locks, windows and catches etc as they are not safety or important features relating to the long term integrity and safety of the vehicle.


We are introducing a PAYMENT PLAN so that you can spread the costs of the inspection
Watch this space for further details or ask Maureen when you ring to book the annual inspection.
I have seen this week the results of a caravan not being checked regularly because it is now out of warranty.
The caravan is now 6 years old and is generally is very good condition but it has not been checked for 2 years- and so saved the owner say upto £ 400.0 .
Damp has affected the complete rear end and part of the side panels of the van and could now cost up to £ 3000.00 to repair.
Please don't let this happen to you.


There are many indications that this year is going to be the year that there will be many holidays being taken in the UK and there will be an influx of people sampling the fun of a caravan and motorhome holiday.
The Caravan Club has reported that 2008 was a record year with nearly 55,000 households joining the Club and 1311 families joining in December 2008!!
Advanced bookings for the 2009 season are up 40 % on 2008 .
Many of the local sites have reported that their bookings are up already on last years .
What I hope is that with many new people trying caravans and motorhomes- for the first time perhaps - they will not buy a van that is cheap but ends up costing them a fortune because of damp etc.
If you know someone who is thinking of buying then PLEASE tell them about the importance of checking that there is regular service history and if possible see the completed damp reports .
These should be fully completed with numbers all over the report and should all be less than 15-20% moisture.
A report that states that " no damp found " is not satisfactory.
Don't forget that you cannot see the effects of damp until its too late- and you certainly cannot allways smell damp.
We will be happy to carry out a basic pre purchase inspection for £ 50.00 within the local area and will carry out a visual inspection of the body and a damp check .
If you are going to buy a vehicle and the dealer or private owner will not allow this then you know that you should WALK AWAY.
September 2011

Autovan services christmas shut down will be;
Friday 21st December @ Lunchtime
Back Wed 2nd January
Check out our Special December servicing prices on FaceBook!!
We wish all our customers A very Merry Christmas and thank you
for your continuing custom.
To Start we would like to wish everyone a happy new year and thank you again for your continuing custom.
This year we are going to be a lot more active on our facebook page with more offers and info, pop by and say hello.
We are also working more on our online shop, which still holds only a small fraction of what we stock. If there is any product or product line you would like to see in our online shop please let us know.
Please make sure you book early for your caravan service or habitation check to make sure you get the slot you want. It's always a good idea to book a few weeks before any planned holidays to enable any unforseen problems to be fixed.
MAY 2013
The weather is improving and your holidays may be approaching.  Donít leave it until the last minute  to check your caravan/motorhome is in full working order. The earlier you pick up any problems the better chance we have to fix them for you.
JULY 2013
Now we have some fantastic weather it would be an ideal time to hook up  your van or jump in your motorhome and head out for a well-earned break. Don't forget to stock up on your essentials, visit our online shop or call in to our onsite shop to pick up any toilet chemicals, rolls or any spares you may need.
We hope you have all been taking advantage of the glorious weather we have been having and enjoyed some trouble free trips.
We are now stocking a range of SHIELD batteries which will help keep your van powered whilst remaining maintenance free. Please call 01202 848414 for information.
Itís that time of year again, the nights are long and cold,  the heating is bought back to life, so please ensure you drain down your vans if not in use as frost damage can be costly.
Donít forget to visit us on Facebook to check out any offers we have going, could save yourself some money.
With Christmas almost upon us The Autovan team would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
We would again like to thank you all for your custom and hope we can be of help in the coming year.
We will close for Christmas on Friday 20th December @ 5pm and Re-open on Thursday 2nd January 2014 @ 8.30 am.
Happy New Year to all.
We hope 2014 will bring you many weeks of trouble free camping in your caravan or motorhome with lots of sun to boot.
Please remember to book you service early and if possible book it at least two weeks before any trips, Just in case there are any problems picked up on the service.
If you book before 15th February 2014 you will pay 2013 prices.
JUNE 2014
The good weather is upon us and we hope you are all taking good advantage of it but please test your fridge well before your break as hot weather is great at finding weak cooling units.

Check it NOW!

You don't want to find a problem whilst on holiday.

For any help or advice please call us on;

01202 848414
We now supply and fit Gaslow refillable gas cylinders as well as supply the full range of Gaslow products.

For any help or advice please call us on;

01202 848414

Or Call in and see us