And now for something different…..
No - we have not brought a Dead Parrott back from the dead but we have renewed the life and use of this motorhome that was destined to be exchanged for a newer model.
We were asked to increase the bed sleeping area ,incorporate microwave storage and general storage, simplify the electrics and improve the quality of the seat cushion whilst retaining the original look of the motorhome.
I am sure that you will agree that we are achieved all of this and more .
Our customer now has a more practical and usable motorhome that has been able to be modified to suit their changing needs without the hassle and loss of money that happens when you buy another van.
So it just goes to show that no matter what the changes you may need and in whatever size vehicle - ask the experts first for an alternative to the expensive option of changing the van that you love.
Contact Autovan today for all your large and small changes.
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