Statistics show that around 5,000 touring caravans are stolen each year, many from outside the family home. Buck this trend and install a Sure-Track covert tracking device.
Extravagant claims are made for GPS based tracking technology. The reality is that it is all too easy to disable. In any case it is unrealistic to expect over-stretched and regionally constrained police forces to chase down every moving dot on a screen.
So at Sure-Track we have developed a different technology approach and supplemented that with a team of specialist finders who call in the police only when they have clearly located and identified your property.
Others may track….we get it back.
The result….we recover 91% stolen assets with 9 hours

We take it personally. We want to help secure your property in the first place but we are absolutely passionate about getting it back for you if it is stolen.
We take it personally. So while we have a deep technical understanding born out of more than 20 years’ experience in the technology and telecommunications industries, we know that ultimately it is people who locate and recover, ably abetted by clever technology.
We take it personally and want to make life as hard as possible for thieves. We know they can render GPS useless by getting the asset under cover as quickly as possible. So we don’t use GPS.
We take it personally. We know that tracking devices that require lots of power need to be wired in, making them easy to locate and disable. So we thought about and designed our own small, battery powered, wireless unit which makes it easier to conceal.
We take it personally and we know it is asking a lot of the police to set their patrol cars chasing moving targets. That is why we use trained finders who locate the item and then call the police which makes much better use of their resources.

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